Ineffably You

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It Just Clicks.

One Day you’re just walking, or running, or driving. And it just clicks.

Everything bad that’s ever happened to you suddenly makes sense.

You realize the cliche quote, “Everything happens for a reason,” really isn’t that far- fetched

And I’ve had some pretty terrible things happen to me.

When it’s fresh you think you’ll never overcome the obstacles ahead of you.

I thought it would never make sense to me….

I thought I’d never understand why it had to get so bad….

But then it clicked. 

And I reflected on the past year of my life.

I realized that all of it did, in fact, happen for a reason.

Each panic attack, each nightmare, they were my stepping stones.

To make me who I am truly meant to be.

A Stronger, Wiser, and Happier version of the me who was once broken.

I took my broken pieces and put them back together.

No, they didn’t fit the same way they used to.

This time it was better, bolder, and stronger.

Because of you, I became who I was meant to be all along.

So, I guess I owe you a thank you.

Thank you for showing me what I don’t deserve.

So I could recognize what I do deserve.

  • Kirsten Lebron

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